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2018 holiday notice

2018-01-26 15:45:07

2018 holiday notice

Respected customers:


Thank you for your support to us in 2017 China Chenyang, in your trust, Hua Chenyang continues to grow, which is inseparable from your support, the brilliance of Yang sincerely thank all the staff we trust. In 2017, we still have many shortcomings. Please welcome all the new and old customers to criticize and correct us, help us improve. We will constantly improve and optimize, and strive to make every link satisfactory.


2018 years of Chen Yang will provide our customers the complex sampling gene product suite, DNA extraction reagent, save customized solutions, constantly upgrading technology, expanding team, to meet the needs of different customers. We believe that in the new year, we will have a higher promotion in quality, development, production and excipient supply chain.


In order to make every employee happy and auspicious, let the staff enjoy joyful time with their families as much as possible.


A, Yang on February 11, 2018 began to leave, as of February 22, 2018, 25 (the 7th) officially started, a total of 11 days.


By the end of two, because the rush of orders now confirm orders, will be at the beginning of March to the end of February.


Therefore, for the inconvenience brought to you, please forgive. I hope that in the new year, we will continue to join hands with all of you. Give you a big year in advance!


During the holiday, Huachen Yang on duty phone: 0755-27393226 turn 0




HuaChenYang(shenzhen)Technology Co. Ltd.   in January 26, 2018

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