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Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection with the Flocked Swab

2016-03-21 14:15:40 chenyanglobal chenyanglobal

Nasopharyngeal Specimen Collection  with the Flocked Swab     


Use infection control precautions: 

(1)  Personal protective equipment: wear a surgical mask and disposable gloves.  

(2) When completed, dispose of all PPE and other contaminated materials in the trash.  

(3) Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol‐based hand gel before and after the procedure. 

 How to do a nasopharyngeal swab 

(1) Remove the patient’s surgical mask to perform the procedure 

and replace when done. 

(2)  Use a nasopharyngeal nylon flocked swab .

(3)  Insert swab into one nostril straight back (not upwards) and back to 

the nasopharynx and leave in place for a few seconds.  

(4) Slowly withdraw swab with a rotating motion.  

(5)  Place tip of the swab into a vial  and break   the shaft.  

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