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New Style ! Vaginal Applicator Cervical Swab

2017-05-19 11:38:00 chenyanglobal chenyanglobal

Why Choose Cell Specimen Collection Flocked Swabs?

Flocked swabs are ideal for collecting large amount of cells and rapid elution of the

specimens instantly release the cells into the transport medium.It is well recognized

and adopted by the diagnostic test kit manufacturers who produce reagents in mole-

cular genetics, forensics, clinical laboratories sectors

Features :

1)Ergonomic and Anatomic Design

2)Superior Sample Elution

3)Rapid Absorption ( Improved Sample Collection )

4)Increased Assay Sensitivity

5)Simply Collect, Snap and Ship

6)Quantitative Volume Transfer

7)Perpendicular Nylon Fibers

8)Certified Free Of Inhibitors And Interference

9)Highly Suited To Automation


New Types:

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